The Story Behind Live Free Tribe


Live Free Tribe is a unique take on an organized retreat that allows attendees to take a break from their day to day routines, have the time to recalibrate, and find their purpose. 

Live Free Tribe Experience Designer and Co-Founder Samantha Kim was working as a trial attorney for the past 10 years when suddenly life hit her with one tragic event, after another.
Within a span of 3 months, Sam lost a sibling, a home, a close relative, a major trial and significant other in one fell swoop.  Through it all, she spent months grieving and suddenly woke up to find that the life she thought was so important, no longer looked the same.  Sam was no longer passionate about a career that she once dreamed of having and realized that she was no longer living, instead just existing. 

She was going through the motions of life, trapped in the traditional, 'do well and make money' cycle until she did the unthinkable, and stopped it all.   She got rid of her nice city apartment, moved all of her things into storage, and sorted out her finances so she could go and live.

During a meeting with a friend, she was asked to give one word to describe her life's intent.  She responded that she did not have just one word, but two.

Those were to LIVE and be FREE. 



She was hoping to gain clarity as to why she was on this journey and sought out solutions like structured retreats, sabbatical programs and more.  While traveling the world for over 6 months, she met incredible people, attended several retreats in various countries and discovered that while she learned a great deal, no other retreat or program offered what she was looking for.  Instead she met likeminded souls that shared her same appreciation for life, to live fully, which is how LFT came to be. 

After joining the Hudson Daniel Group of companies, Sam was inspired to create something for others who were also seeking purpose.  Rather than just hosting a retreat with a random mix of people, or taking a trip just to see a new place, Sam wanted to incorporate with others her passions, which are food, travel and people.  Live Free Tribe is the ultimate package.  We have incorporated health, life, and business coaching, all within incredible destinations across the globe.

If any of Sam's story has resonance, Live Free Tribe was created for you.   It is a program that is designed to help you meet and discover like-minded people, get healthy, get career advice and to experience a beautiful new place.  It is the ability to take 15 or 30 days out of your life, recharge your batteries and hopefully return with a new sense of purpose, like never before.  Think LFT is for you?  Apply. You'll be glad you did.